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Bee Support and Preventing Swarms

I love this time of year when the dandelions are out and my bees are springing into action! I check on them frequently to see if things are buzzing along smoothly and to make sure the brood are healthy and multiplying. This is the time of year, at the beginning of our warm seasons, for…

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5 Amazing Facts About Honey Bees and Honey

Honey bees are wonderfully complex creatures of the animal kingdom! I find everything about beekeeping truly fascinating and fun to do! Over the years I have learned many interesting facts about bees – here are my most recent top five; Fact 1 – At one to two days old, young bees spend their time cleaning…

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Why is beeswax so beneficial for people throughout the ages?

There are many products today that incorporate beeswax into the formulas. Beeswax, as you know, comes from honey bees. Beeswax is a naturally produced by honey worker bees inside the hive. Many people don’t realize that beeswax is actually edible. It doesn’t have that many health benefits if eaten but used on the skin it…

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