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by Shana Pasas on Best Bee Savvy
Love it!!!

While traveling in Vermont, I tried The Best Bee Savvy at the Sharon Trading Post and General Store. It smells great, very soothing, all natural and not too greasy for the hands. I highly recommend the product. I bought 3 jars on-line. I just wish they made a larger jar of it. During the winter months this will be my go to product!

by Cristina Mink on Best Bee Savvy

Carrying this product in my shop, I've neglected to try it until now. I'm AMAZED how well this works. Truly magical, I love it, and am selling lots of it! You must try this!

by Kate on Best Bee Savvy
Yes! Simply the BEST!

Just found your "Best Bee Savvy" at the SPA at Equinox! It is wonderful!Goes on so smooth, smells great and feels terrific! I ended up buying 6 little jars...I plan to always have one on the guest room nightstand fora great little Vermont product and take home gift for our house guests! Your packaging is very classy! Great product! Love it! Thanks! A fellow Vermonter...

by Amy Serio on Best Bee Savvy
I just love this Product!

I just love this product! I keep my little glass jar on my bedside table where I use it on my lips, hands and feet before bed. The smell is wonderful and so natural. The hint of Lemon grass and grapefruit is very soothing. In the summer I use it in my hair before going to the's a wonderful conditioner! Great things do come in small packages!!!

by Diane Myers, LMT on Best Bee Savvy
Perfectly Amazing Product

I have been a massage therapist for 18 years. I have used many products. The "Best Bee Savvy" is a pure product. It has been wonderful to use with people with dry hands and feet. But it is amazing on elderly clients, who have very thin sensitive skin, and anyone who is allergic to many lotions and oils.  They love it and I love using it on them!  I highly recommend it for personal and professional use.

by Sally Wellman on Best Bee Savvy
Wonderful on the skin!

I had been under quite a bit of stress and a few patches of eczema had recently appeared on my arms and legs when Tita walked into my store. Touting her Best Bee Salve as wonderful for dry skin, lips, cracked heels etc. I decided to give it a try on my eczema,  remembering Tita's instructions to "rub it in for 20 seconds." Honestly my eczema cleared up in two days.It smells and feels wonderful on the skin.

Thanks Tita!

by L.Garsh Barnard, VT on Best Bee Savvy
I wouldn't bee without

….my fingers crack every winter. There's nothing I can do about it except use a "something" to soften the skin and it takes weeks before the fingers heal. They bleed and the pain is so great that if a drop a quarter on the wooden floor I can't pick it up…..or so in the past that has been the case….until I discovered the Best Bee Savvy from Bee Products!!!

I wouldn’t Bee without this Salve!!

by M.H. on Best Bee Savvy
Relieved my itch

I tried Tita's beeswax on an itch on my upper forearm which would not go away. I had had some chigger bites a couple years ago, and of course, everyone says they don't last that long, but there they were still looking like chigger bites for a couple years. I rubbed beeswax on it as a last resort, and frankly was quite surprised that a few days had gone by without an itch. The itch came back, but every time I used the beeswax, it took longer for the itch to come back and then within a couple weeks it was gone completely and has now been gone for a year or so. Then I tried it on a very localized psoriasis. It stops flair ups before they get itchy and painful. I did not expect it to have the effect it did. It is my first choice in treating anything which needs a salve or more.

by Kay Parent Newport RI on Best Bee Savvy
The bee on the lid made me smile

The bee on the lid made me smile and the translucent label gave a hint of the coconut oil within. Lid off the balanced tones of lemongrass, grapefruit and ylang ylang subtley filled my nostrils and added to the smile. Finger nudged into jar allowed salve to melt to my body warmth and apply smoothly to my feet and hands. And here on the ocean I lathered it on my wind swept face.  Perhaps it is the beeswax from Tita's Vermont hive or her sense of wild creativity or her love of sharing of giving, whatever that is it folds into the bee topped salve and is as much an experience as it is a salve.

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